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Latest from the Blog

This ‘Undercover Boss’ Uncovered the Formula for Franchising Success

Gina Rivera’s Phenix Salon Suites is Unstoppable Ever wonder what happens after the cameras stop rolling on the CBS hit show, Undercover Boss? For Gina Rivera, who along with her company, Phenix Salon Suites were featured on Undercover Boss two years ago, her appearance launched enormous revenue growth and new opportunities. In fact, with a boost from Undercover Boss, Phenix Salon Suites […]

Adam Witty is ‘The Authority’ on Authority Marketing

How Influence and Thought Leadership Are Manufactured in the Competitive Marketplace This week’s guest on Monday Morning Radio is Adam Witty, CEO of Advantage Media and ForbesBooks. Adam is “The Authority” on authority marketing, having helped more than 1,300 now-published authors conceive, write, publish, and market their books. In 2016, he joined with Forbes, the influential financial news media company, to launch […]

The ‘Sound’ of Your Company or Product Merits Close Attention

David Ciccarelli’s Voices.com is the World’s Largest Marketplace for Voice Overs What your company or product “sounds” like is an essential component of its success. When companies including Microsoft, Cisco, GoDaddy, and Shopify need to hire talent to be the voice of their commercials and other scripts, they look to Voices.com – the world’s largest online marketplace for voice over […]

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